Olomana Golf Links

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2022 COVID-19 Measures and Suggestions:

  • Get some exercise and walk instead of riding a cart. Walking is encouraged at all times during the COVID-19 concerns. 

  • When taking a golf cart, please know that steering wheels are sanitized with Clorox after each round, as well as push-carts. Regardless, please drive golf carts with your golf gloves.

  • Please do not touch the flag – leave it in the hole. 

  • Until further notice, the cup on each green on the golf course will be raised above ground level to prevent having to reach into the hole to remove your ball. A ball striking the cup liner is considered holed. 

  • The restaurant is temporarily closed. 

  • All outdoor seating and tables have been removed to encourage you not to socialize for the time being.

  • Golf tee times have been adjusted to meet the guidelines from the Mayor’s office and the daily hours will be from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

  • Tee time intervals is set at 10 minutes

  • Green Coring dates in March and September (Updates will be posted )

  • Thanksgiving / Christmas / New Years Half Day (Last tee time 9:00AM)

  • No single rider booking before 12pm on weekends and holidays

  • Weekdays single riders pay a $15 riders fee.